AI module CMNB03


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CMNB03 is an AI module. It’s small in size and no need internet to process data. With different firmwares it can perform different functions.

CMNB03-01 Face Detect

  • Voice recording upto 30 sec
  • Message playback when face detect
  • Built-in digital mic audio amplfier
  • Optional signal output when face detected
  • Small in size, easy to install
  • Battery operation or DC5V
  • Good for interactive toy, gadgets
  • Perfect for product promotion and advertisement


Application Example

Product promotion: place this device at the same level of person. when people come, stop by the stand and watch the product, it will deliver the pre-recorded message to attract people’s attention.

Below is a video clip to show how it works. Device is placed in the rack where promoting product is located. Wnen somebody comes and stop by, it delivers message

CMNB03-02 Motion Direction Detect

CMNB03-02 is capable to detect motion direction, from left to right or from right to left. It has built in voice recording and play back function. It will playback a prerecorded message according to motion direction detected. It is good for interactive toys, gadgets and smart audio playback devices.

  • Small in size: 30×25mm, easy to install
  • Built in digital microphone for message recording
  • Built in audio amp for power speaker output
  • Playback message when motion detect
  • Message can be defined for different direction
  • Battery operation
  • easy programming firmware to flash


Application Example

Smart audio player: place this device at the entrance of shops. when people come, it delivers message of “Welcome to our shop”; when people leave the shop, it will deliver message “Thank you for shopping”. User can record his own message for entering or leaving.

Below is a video clip to show how smart player works. Device is placed at entrance of market. When customer comes it plays welcome message, when customer leaves, it plays goodbye message

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

CMNB03-01, CMNB03-02


Packing List

  • CMNB03 board 
  • power cable 
  • speaker cable
  • LED-KEY cable